Benefits of Permanent Resident in Canada

If you have a dream to go to Canada, then you should dream about Permanent Resident too. Because if you are going to Canada on student Visa. Then after studies, many students thought to work there. But keep in mind to think about being a Canadian Permanent Resident. If you apply to immigrate to Canada through an express entry system, then you will become a Permanent Resident of Canada. You can ask the consultant who can easily explain to you about CANADA IMMIGRATION SERVICES. You can go to Canada under the guidance of reliable immigration consultancy, which also guides you regarding the better utilization of resources you have. CANADA VISA CONSULTANT guides you regarding the visa and files.

Canada is a developed nation and it ranks seventh on the UN’s Human development index (HDI). There are benefits to Canada PR. Canada is a place where you can get the precise future professionally and personally. Owing to the job opportunities and other benefits Canada permanent resident, it is a favorable move.

Benefits of Canada Permanent Resident

Let’s explore a few benefits of a permanent resident of Canada, the following are they

1. You can get the facility of Better health care and other social services – Permanent Residency in Canada gives you the facility of Healthcare and social services. Medical care for Permanent residential is free of cost and it covers almost prescribed drugs. To bear the cost, they rely on insurance from the government employer. This is one of the main benefits of permanent residency

2. Free Education and universities for higher education – There are three levels of Education in Canada. These Primary Education, Secondary and higher secondary education. So, the Canadian government takes responsibility for funding up to grade Twelve. Canada utilizing it’s economy strongly in education and has some of the world’s best universities like the University of British Columbia, the University of Toronto,  etc

3. Sponsorship – You can sponsor your spouse and your children, once you become a permanent residence. If you immigrate through an express entry visa, you can take your family along so that you would not have sponsored them later on. 

4. Live and work anywhere  – Once you get the status of Permanent Resident, you can live and work anywhere in Canada. Because now you are a citizen of Canada. You will get every right which the citizen of Canada has. But some of the PR cards are valid for five years. 

5. protection against crime – Per the Canadian Charter 6 of Canadian Law Government of Canada provides you with a safe and secure environment. They provide a protective environment for the immigrants by offering them a right to fight for justice and tangibility.  One of the crucial benefits of getting Permanent Resident in Canada is that the applicant will have all rights under Canadian Charter 6 and they will also be the protection by the authorities

6. Canadian citizenship – 

You can apply for Canadian citizenship after three years of stay in Canada. IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) allows the Permanent Residency(PR) for five years. Those applicants who are physically present in Canada for a consecutive two years, they eligible for Canadian Citizenship as per the requirements.

7. Start a business in Canada – After getting PR, the person gets the freedom to start a business in Canada. The most important factor of starting a business includes that you should have money for initial investment, a good plan of business and registration of your new enterprise. Few regions will ask you for a Canadian citizen included as a part of your venture when running a business in Canada. Other than this, there is a lot of freedom to the foreign nationals who want their enterprise as per the Canada PR visa benefits. In this regard, they can either buy a franchise in Canada or they can start their own business 

8. PR on work visas and Temporary visas – if we Consider Canada’s permanent resident benefits, many people consider this path of immigration rather than the temporary visa or work visa where the validity time of the stay in Canada is shorter than the Permanent resident.

9.  Financial Benefits – The Canadian government offers several benefits to its immigrants. And helps them for better settlement in their multicultural society. If we talk about the benefits from the employee benefits to any other benefit like housing benefits, an immigrant would have no complication selecting between Canada or any other nation. 

10. Housing Benefits- Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation encourage the new immigrants coming to Canada to acquire their new residence based on how much they can pay for.

11. Family Benefits – Maternity benefits can be taken up by those who are pregnant or those who have newborn babies. They are also authorized to parental privileges. In both cases, financial aid of weekly $573 can be benefited. Families can also pertain to Canada Child Benefit (CCB), which is the tax-free monthly payment for raising children under age 18.

Canada is a dream of many people not even Indians wants but the other country’s people too. But all they want with permanent residency. With all these open cultures and warm multicultural societies, Canada is a safe paradise for immigrants. The immigration policies of the country also ensure that immigrants with a permanent residency admire the benefits similar to their citizens.


There are different immigrants path way to become PR. With there welcoming nature and their multicultural everyone do feel to become permanent resident of that country. Not only that but even there are many benefits starting from health, citizen, financial benefit and many more.

Lastly, being PR of Canada would turn up with something productive and you wont regret for the same.

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