Effect of Covid-19 on Study Visa Application

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Abroad education has gone for a hurl ever since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic. With many countries facing issues with travel restrictions, studying abroad plans for the upcoming new sessions have gone awry. Talking about the COVID-19 situation, these are special circumstances, and unprecedented steps had been taken to tackle the situation. 

A student visa is usually issued only 120 days before the school has to start. It is the earliest and fastest any student visa can be issued. Another student visa necessities and requirements dictates that the student can enter Australia only around 30 days before the classes commence. But this year, since there are no visa appointments or any sort of services available, this duration of 120 days and 30 days might have been removed.Well if you are sure that you want to go for your career then this is the best time, don’t worry about anything. Ya it’s possible that process might take time but at the end it’s going to be best if you go through Australia immigration consultants. So don’t affect your education due to a pandemic situation, just go with the flow and focus to make your career.

 Student Visa Consultants

Due to these uncertainties surrounding the health and financial implications of the pandemic, many colleges and universities have not filled their classes by the traditional deadlines. To give students more time to visit and take care of other factors, several universities and colleges have pushed back their deposit deadline. Australia study visa consultants keep their student clients updated with the information.

Changes in Policies

Australian universities and colleges are changing traditional admission policies amid growing calls for the state education authorities to amend needs and requirements for students that are caught up in the Coronavirus pandemic situation during their final year of schooling. Study Visa applications are being rejected due to the Covid-19 pandemic. International Australian Universities are not accepting new admissions. This has created a negative impact on students who were dreaming of studying in International universities from their school days. The Australian government wants to take full precautions regarding the pandemic, but this is affecting students and their future. Sessions for already admitted students are going very well online, but the graduate programs are in a worry throughout the world.

Online Classes – New Normal

Many institutions are shifting their educational schedules and programs for newly admitted students in the online mode. Graduate schools with numerous international students are exploring options to admit their students to study in online medium only. Some are worried about their enrollment for the fall. Undergraduate institutions vary a lot in their expected impact. The majority of these institutions enroll most of the students from close to home and they are expecting some dilemma now, but not a quite serious loss in enrollment. But undergraduate institutions with various international students or domestic students far from their home are more concerned.

A better Shot

If a student has applied to one of the most trending, selective, and strongest universities in the country of Australia, they will be just as hard to get into that, at least initially, as they’ve been in their past. Those universities and colleges are likely to have longer waiting lists this year, primarily because of this uncertainty surrounding the international students and whether they will be able to travel to Australia. And if they can’t, more students might be admitted from the waitlist than in the past few years. Because of the economic consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, the students may have to abandon their first choice of college to attend a school that is more affordable for them and suits their budget.

Australia Intakes: 2020-21

Different universities have provided different deadlines for intakes. Australian universities have 2 intakes with different deadlines – 

  • February Intake – Deadline of October – November 2020
  • July Intake – Deadline of April – May 2021

Only a certain amount of universities has provided February intakes for Semester 1, not all of them. But all universities would be open during July intake so be careful while filling the forms and curating your documents. 

So tighten your seat belt and be ready to fly for your further studies. Because it’s the fact that now you can have hybrid classes for your studies and nothing can stop you. If you really desire to make your career then it is going to be the best time.

Final decision

Whether to go for a top college choice in these uncertain and serious times is a decision that the students and their loved ones must make. At some point, most likely long before this entering class of graduates from a college, the pandemic would surely be over, and life, as we all knew, would return. Students should make this big decision carefully and should consider what is in the student’s best interest going ahead in a post-COVID world.

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