Rejected work, study or visitor visa – what next?

What are the options available with students whose cases have been rejected?

Studying abroad is the desire of many students. The priorities of studying abroad has got widened up by the students. To fulfill these requirements of the students they need to first know the where and what abouts of how to proceed. To study abroad one needs to get a student visa. It is important to know the university where the student wants to study the course .The University will then send an offer letter. Here the student needs to explain why the student desires to study in that particular country and that particular course in that college respectively. When the student applies there are chances that the application can be accepted or rejected. We need to be prepared by understanding why student visa can be rejected. By understanding it the student can take the help of it to proceed of how to rectify the same. There are some important checkpoints to understand where it went wrong that the application got rejected. Here are some of the points that are to be understood .

  • Unclear documents.
  • Lack of competency in language skills.
  • Insufficient funds to support the student’s education abroad.
  • Improper explanation or reason for studying abroad or choosing a particular course.
  • No proper preparation prior to the interview.
  • Failed background checks before submission.

In such cases if the students will be successful to project the solution for the previous rejection it would be of a great help for the next step.

Rectification of previous errors and mistakes will definitely help to make it successful in the next process. The student should make sure of portraying appropriate reasons or solutions to convince to get the student visa approved.

Check and re-check before you apply again. Choose the right course and right university. Get full details and information and keep it on your tongue tip to answer the questions in the interview. Have a clear idea of what and why you have opted for the course and university. Be honest, have clarity, practice well and be confident of what you speak in the interview. Also maintain proper timelines to apply.

After rejection the student need to follow certain process:

  • Re-apply for student visa.
  • If student visa is rejected once we have the option to re-apply in the same country.
  • Pursue something which is useful for the applied course.
  • If the student visa is rejected for twice or thrice apply for the same in other countries.
  • Before applying study and understand the requirements i.e documents, financial funds, study course, university, etc., to project yourself clearly and strongly with a motive of study application.
  • Do not give a gap of study instead accommodate yourself in related course or study. Have continuity of study related work. This shows how determined you are for the study.
  • Also you can apply for a job or internship in the same field of study. This affirms your interest in the same.
  • Thus all this helps you to get the student visa though it is rejected.

At times there is also no reason as to why the student visa is rejected or denied. As the immigration laws fluctuate rapidly it is important to check always for the new updates which can affect the visa process.

But as such one need not worry if the student visa is rejected as we can re-apply. In many cases students get upset when their visa is rejected. Rather if the student concentrates on increasing the chances of getting it accepted it will be of great help in getting the visa approved again at the next step after re-applying it .

It is important to understand that rather than shattering their dreams when visa is rejected they need to look out for possible solutions to get the visa. Many of the students dream to study abroad and it has become a mandatory in the journey of each individuals’ education. Pursuing degree abroad is their dream come true for many students once they get approved for Student Visa.

To study abroad student should be enrolled in an educational institution or university for which the student should have student visa. Every country will have its own validations, laws or rules and regulations to accept student’s application for visa. Visa of one country will not be valid to enter and meet the criteria in another country for education.

So once the application is accepted the student will definitely be in the process of getting education abroad. In cases of rejection as discussed above the student need to get ready by re-applying by meeting all the requirements necessary for proper documentation and process.

To avoid rejection there are certain tips to be followed.

  • Take enough time to plan.
  • Plan prior to applying for visa.
  • Understand the necessary requirements like documentation, funds required, preparing for the interview etc.
  • Attend the interview with seriousness of getting selected.
  • Have good proficiency in language skills.
  • Be honest with your answers in the interview.
  • Be clear on how you focus on your idea of why you would like to study abroad.
  • Be sure that you have a plan only to study abroad and that you will return home after you complete the course.
  • Staying positive and confident plays a key role in the selection process in the interview.

So be confident, be positive and have amazing fun after getting selected for the studies in abroad. Fullfill your dreams. Work hard for the success. Success will be at your door step.

Have a challenging and successful career ahead.

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