Student Visa
Student Visa

Global Visa Help is here to assist you with all the visa requirements. Our team of MARA agents have the experience and training to guide students through the process of Visa application and securing a placement with a Higher Education facility.

We excel in providing the below student visa in Sydney for the students:

  • School Student Visa: This visa is for those students who need to get enrolled in primary and secondary schools in Australia or are participating in a student exchange program
  • Vocation Education and Training Student Visa: Students willing to achieve a certificate, diploma or an advanced diploma and want to get enrolled in TAFE (Technical and Further Education College).
  • Higher Education Student Visa: Students wanting to achieve a higher education degree like graduate certificate, graduate diploma and bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply for this visa.

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All information used in the visa processing application process is kept completely confidential and private by Global Visa Help. Your privacy is vital to us.

Student Visa
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